Spiritual Growth

Our congregation is focusing on Spiritual Growth in 2023. Visit our Spiritual Growth page to learn more about this initiative, and for resources to help you get started!

Sunday Live Stream

We stream our 10:30 service on Facebook Live and YouTube.

How to get involved


Sunday Service: 8am and 10:30am
Sunday Bible Study: 9:15am
Wednesday Service: 7pm


You are welcome here: just as you are. We invite you to join us for a service, ask questions, and explore your faith.


We have ministry opportunities for children, teens, young adults, families, and seniors to develop their faith and community.

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May 21, 2023 Stand Firm In the Faith

Stand firm! But how? How can we stand against the temptations of the world, the Devil, and our own sinful natures? How can we stand firm when there are traps and snares everywhere? We don’t. We can’t. At least, not on our own. That’s why God has rescued us and has forgiven our failures. It …

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May 14, 2023 He Lives and Calls Me to Live for Him

So often we talk about living for God. We use words like compelled. And we are, but not because it’s a requirement. We are compelled to live for God because we see the great love he has for us! We don’t have to, we want to. By faith, we desire nothing more than to live …

May 14, 2023 He Lives and Calls Me to Live for Him Read More »

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May 7 2023 Sermon You Know the Way John 14:1-11

Where do we turn when the world seems overwhelming? Where do we look when our sins drag us to our knees? Where is the safety when we are frightened? Thank God that we know the way, because HE is the way.
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April 30 2023 Sermon Acts 2 The Beautiful Relationships between the Good Shepherd and His Sheep

Our Good Shepherd calls us together as a flock. Under his careful and loving care he tells us to serve each other.
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April 23 2023 Sermon 1 Peter 1 Redeemed From Emptiness

The world is filled with empty promises and hollow temptations. But those who run after all of those things will never be satisfied. Thank God that he has redeemed up from emptiness and filled us with his mercy and love!
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April 16 2023 Sermon Acts 2 The Proof Is in the Prophecy Fulfilled

As Christians we have the joy of seeing all of God’s promises fulfilled. In Christ we see the fulfillment of all of the prophecies and all the hopes of the world come together. Our proof is the prophecy fulfilled!
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