Abiding Word is hosting another Dave Ramsey class!

What if you knew where all of your money was going each month? What if you were debt-free, investing and making wise spending decisions? With Dave Ramsey’s class Financial Peace University, you CAN take control of your money and start planning for your future.

Abiding Word Lutheran church is offering a financial peace class for our members, school families and community to give resources and encouragement to people who may be struggling with finances and to those who are doing well and want to improve.

We feel this is important because God blesses us with resources and we want to do all we can to be good caretakers of all that God has given us. We pray that this class is another way to serve our congregation and community with guidance and direction from God’s Word for everyday living.

This is the second time we’ve offered this class and those who participated the first time found it very beneficial.

What: 9-week financial guidance course
When: Starts Sunday, February 4 will be every Sunday for 9 weeks
Time: 12 pm
Cost: $93.00 plus shipping.  We will offer scholarships to our members needing assistance.


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