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No News is Good News (2 Corinthians 12:7-10)

Waiting is hard. We want to know everything instantaneously. We want God to say, “Yes.” to our requests. But what about when God says, “No”? What then? To find out, listen to this sermon based on 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.

The Lord Prepares Workers For His Kingdom (Isaiah 6:1-8)

Through an incredible vision, God called his prophet Isaiah to go and preach to the people of Israel. Through the incredible gospel message, God calls you to be his worker. Listen to this sermon based on Isaiah 6:1-8

Fastened Eyes, Fixated Hearts

Familiarity breeds contempt. Jesus’ hometown couldn’t believe he was the Savior. Their hearts were fixated on seeing a miracle.  We can be fixated on other things besides our Savior. Do you listen to what he really says? Are you fixated on your Savior? Often, it isn’t. But we learn that even when we don’t listen …

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Today the Gospel Comes To You

We want our needs met. When we read the Word or go to church, we can leave feeling unsatisfied. We can fall into the temptation that the Word, the sermon, or the songs weren’t what we needed. When we encounter God’s Word in personal study or church, we have a unique experience. The Gospel comes …

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Jesus’ Glory Brings Us Joy

Can Jesus help with your problems? Do you feel like it might be too little to even attract Jesus’ attention? John shows us who Jesus is: The All-Powerful Son of God who loves to help his people. Listen to this sermon based on John 2:1-11

In Search of Jesus

Jesus’ parents had a scare. They had lost their son. They searched for him everywhere. We, too, can find ourselves searching for Jesus. Listen to this sermon based on Luke 2:42-51 as we search and find our Savior.

Revelation 12:1-6 – A Great Sign Shows the Greatest Love

God revealed a sign to the Apostle John in a vision. He reveals a sign to you as well: a Savior was born for you. Jesus is the greatest sign of God’s love for you. Listen to this great truth in the sermon based on Revelation 12:1-6

The Joy of Repentance

What does it mean “to repent”? Does repentance seem happy? How is it joyful? Faith in Jesus changes your mind about sin and salvation. You find Joy in the One who saved you from sin and death!

Jesus Comes to Bring Peace an Purity

God’s Old Testament people wanted peace and purity. They wanted justice. They cried out for God to help. God promised to send a messenger, one who would make all things right. Jesus is that messenger and through his death and resurrection makes all things right. Listen to this sermon based on Malachi 3:1-4.

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