Abiding Word Endowment Fund

Planning for the future of Abiding Word with God's gifts and mission in mind.

What is it?

Endowment funds to a church are what retirement plans are to an individual — resources set aside for the future. The Abiding Word Endowment Fund provides an opportunity for members to give gifts, both big and small, that will continue to grow and provide the congregation with funds for future needs. The gifts given to the Endowment Fund will be used to support programs and projects not covered by our annual operating budget. This will help provide a more evenly distributed revenue stream at the time of the gift, without affecting congregational giving.

The Abiding Word Endowment Fund is a way to build a financial foundation for Abiding Word that will be there for FUTURE GENERATIONS. Contributing to this fund is another way to practice FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP by giving a portion of God’s abundant gifts back to him to support the work he has given us to do. Gifts to this fund will continue to GROW and EXPAND in ways that our weekly offerings cannot.

How does it work?

The donor has flexibility in how their gift is invested and used. We offer a true endowment, where only the proceeds from the gift are used while the gift itself remains permanently restricted. We also offer a savings fund where the proceeds as well as the initial gift are used over time.

How will it be used?

The donor may also select one of three areas to support with their gift.

Christian Education

Proceeds will be used to provide tuition assistance or subsidies for Abiding Word Lutheran School and ECE, and to provide tuition assistance to Abiding Word members preparing for public ministry at Martin Luther College or Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

Capital Improvements

Proceeds will be used to build or maintain the physical plant of Abiding Word on the current site, a future site, or on an additional campus or mission spin-off.

General Ministry

Proceeds will be used to support Abiding Word ministry needs as determined by the Church Council with consultation as needed with Steering Committee, Staffing Committee, Trustees, Pastors and/or other leaders.

What may I donate?

Gifts may include cash, stocks and bonds, mutual fund shares, annuities, real estate, life insurance proceeds and more.

How do I donate?

Gifts of cash can be given to a pastor or put in the collection plate with a donation form.  To give gifts other than cash, please speak with a pastor or member of the Congregational Planned Giving Committee.

Your Congregational Planned Giving Committee is Steve Mitby, Kyle Wathen, Steve Hildebrandt, Karen Mitchell and Marilyn Miller.

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