United in Christian Love and Fellowship

One of the fascinating things about the study of history is that it is filled with dramatic episodes of groups of people who were cemented together around a cause in which they believed so passionately they were willing to risk everything to see it accomplished. We have many examples of that in our American history, as well as in our Texas history. If you peal back the layers of these events what you’ll really find are collections of individuals with a variety of skills and abilities for the cause. Regardless of what history will try to teach us, the unity of a group, even though they may have accomplished so much for the greater good, was not always perfect. In fact, frankly, in some cases it was poor. However, the weaknesses of the individuals didn’t destroy the benefits to the group and for their cause.
Through the centuries God has been binding people together with a stronger force and for a greater cause than accomplishing an earthly freedom or dispelling a cruel injustice. His Gospel unites people with a love that is designed to rise above personal limitations and selfish interests. One of the great gifts he gives us is each other. He gives us the privilege of loving and encouraging each other with his love. When we became members of this church, in the freedom of the Gospel, we promised each other that we would receive each other in this love that is built around the great love that God has for us. The privilege of being part of God’s church is to share that love with each other and those who, in his mercy, God brings to us.

This is the first of 4 devotionals focused on the unity we have with each other at Abiding Word because of the Gospel. May God’s love cement us together in love and fellowship to connect each other to His promises, build each other up with His encouraging love, and enjoy the fellowship we have with one another around the clear message of his forgiveness. Together and under God’s grace we can and will accomplish great things for his kingdom.
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