Women Look at World Mission Opportunities

goodword1Checking the latest news feed, you might wonder “What is going on in this world?!” Attending a Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) Convention convincingly compels you to say with joy and confidence “Look what is going on in this world!”
The 53rd Annual LWMS Convention was held in St. Charles, IL June 23-26. It was a privilege to attend this mission convention along with 1,053 others. “Christ Alone Our Cornerstone” was the theme chosen and carried out through mission presentations, anthems, displays and of course worship. The name of Jesus continues to be proclaimed in places like Cameroon, East Asia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malawi, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine…with the hope of reaching out to newer places like Rwanda, South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Korea, Viet Nam, Liberia and the Philippines. Thirty-nine flags were presented representing all the areas where our synod (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) is involved in gospel outreach. Synod World Board Administrator, Pastor Larry Schlomer, reported that calls come in regularly from around the world recognizing the message we have to share, expressing their interest to learn more and their desire to follow the truth of the Bible.
On the home front we were inspired by Pastor Michael Quandt’s creative outreach efforts to Mormons in St. Charles and Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as several stage performances by children and adults involved in the ministry outreach by Pastor Luis Acosta and his wife Carolina at Risen Savior Lutheran Church on the north side of Milwaukee. The message of Christ crucified and risen for every tribe and nation, people and language is the cornerstone of it all!
LWMS supports our synod’s home and world mission efforts through many powerful prayers, and generous offerings. One fourth of congregational mission box offerings along with the monies offered at the convention worship service totaled $143,874.74. The projects receiving this offering include Summer Student Assistants (which Abiding Word was blessed to experience firsthand through Craig Wilke’s ministry with us), TV Broadcast for the Muslim World, Outreach to Asians, and Apache Leadership Training. Along with this the amazing amount of an additional $60,817.70 was received through the Kids C.A.R.E. mission offering which will go toward the Central Africa Medical Mission Orphan and Infant Program.
Find out more at lwms.org. Be faithful in your prayers and offerings!
Not everyone can attend a convention but you can plan to attend our mission event held closer to home! Saturday, September 17 at Good Shepherd, The Woodlands from 9 – 12 noon. Guest speaker is Pastor Dave Bivens and his message is “One World, One Hope!”I’m planning to attend…will you meet me there? It’s so exciting to see what really is going on in this world!
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