Members do not formally join SHINE, rather every women is welcome to use her gifts to serve God in any way she can. SHINE simply puts organization and structure around the various types of service.

Serving Him IN Everything – Women’s Ministry

We have many women’s ministry team that you can participate in.

Officer Team

Our officer team consists of a President, Vice President, and Secretary. These ladies are our leaders and in charge of running our meetings. They are also looked to for providing a hand and direction at SHINE events. The leaders are available to help the teams as needed.

Spiritual Team

The Spiritual Team organizes ladies’ Bible studies, the annual women’s retreat, the cradle roll for our youngest members, the library, the prayer chain and other things of a spiritual nature. To aid in the worship of everyone, they also care for the altar and find ladies to embroider baptismal napkins.

Son-Shine Team

The SonShine Team radiates the Son’s love to our members. Among other things, they visit those members who can’t get out, maintain a list of people who will provide meals for those in need, and remember friends and members with cards at special times in their lives.

New Member Team

The New Member Welcome Team helps us welcome our members and also assists them with becoming familiar with the people, activities and customs of Abiding Word as well as the many opportunities to become active members of our family.

Caretaker Team

The Caretaker team decorates the sanctuary for Christmas, Easter and other festival services. They also order and set up the appropriate plants and flowers for the sanctuary. The Caretaker team is in charge of organizing the annual spring church cleaning event.

Outreach Team

The Outreach Team helps us reach out to our members through such things as the monthly Women Helping Women luncheon and the Mother/Daughter program. They also help us look beyond our congregation by making sure we know about the mission of Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society or doing community outreach programs.

Activities Team

The Activities Team organizes church fellowship activities including potlucks, picnics, and the women’s Christmas party. They organize the women into “serving circles” to help with serving food at various congregational functions.