April 14: Annual Christian Education Sunday

On April 14, our school children will be singing & participating in the worship service in different ways.  After services that Sunday 4/14, we will taking a door offering to support the members of our congregation that are studying for the full time teaching and preaching ministry at Martin Luther College (MLC). Those members are Parker Brown, Grace Brown & Raquel Freese. Our goal is to raise $3,000 in order to give each of these students a $1,000 scholarship from our congregation. All 3 students will be eligible for a matching grant from MLC. In our church body, there is a shortage of teachers and pastors. The opportunities are many & workers are needed. Please pray for these young people & for the Lord to move the hearts of more young people to consider the full time ministry & give a gift to support our members preparing for ministry.   Baskets for your offerings will be located in the narthex.

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